A drop of life - walk for water 2018

A Drop of Life – Walk for Water 2018 is a family focus walkathon event for participants to experience the hardship of some villagers fetching water from afar every day, learn about water scarcity, and raise fund to bring clean water and life to people in need.

Karma is the campaign core idea. We believe the concept of save water, the responsibility of save the earth should be start from adult to kid. How much we treasure water today is how much clean water the future generation has. From thematic video to key visuals, the reflection or transition from parents to kids represent the concept of passing to future generation.

key visuals

social post content

online Reality show 

Citizens are hard to experience and feel the hardship of villagers of Nepal, Cambodia and China fetching water from afar every day, understand about water scarcity, and filter dirty water to drinkable water. Reality game show is the best and easy way to educate audience, both adult and kid, about the importance of save and treasure water. 

Agency: Hungry Digital Ltd
Art Director: Dickwai Lai, Phoebe Leung, Ashley Fung
Copywriter: Rudi Leung
Video Director: Yoshi Hon of Yoshi Hon Studio
Photographer: Yoshi Hon of Yoshi Hon Studio
Animator: Karis Chan